Play the city

'The city game' beoogt win-win situaties te creëren tussen spelers met conflicterende interesses, die zullen resulteren in reële business cases om de stagnerende stedelijke ontwikkeling te ontsluiten.

Presentatie Nederlandwordtanders/Live #1

Play the city

"Play the City introduces ‘city gaming’ as a method for fostering the open and collaborative city-making. This method has been first tested in Almere Haven for an expansion plan in 2008 as part of the doctoral research of Ekim Tan. Since then, the method was implemented in various urban situations, such as for masterplans on hold in Amsterdam Overhoeks, The Hague Binckhorst, Brussels, Ninoofsepoort, for urban transformation of self-built neighborhoods in Istanbul, for a train station hub in Tirana and more.

City gaming is an innovative method building up on the tradition of serious gaming. Different than serious gaming, the ultimate aim of city gaming is to become operational in urban processes rather than educational. The simple language and rules of games allow various stakeholders, experts and non-experts, to communicate without being handicapped by jargon. The collective intelligence of genuine players develops through the interactive and iterative nature of city gaming. Players sometimes with conflicting interests find an opportunity to develop shared visions through city gaming, which results in engagement. Such playful and engaging experiences unlock conversations between various players and help to build communities in the long term. As the city gaming sessions are registered online, they can also be shared with larger crowds who could not play real-time. Thes