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Ronald Lenz en Daniela Krautsack spraken tijdens de bijeenkomst Nederlandwortdanders/Live #1 Internationaal op 10 april in Den Haag over 'Stumpergasse, a hyper-local entrepreneurs community.'

"We believe that cities should help build citizen engagement ‘infrastructures’ that are interwoven with and supported by the architecture of the built environment. Infrastructures that promote social connectedness, collaboration, entrepreneurship and shared governance. Architecture in the 21st century is not just about building buildings anymore. It’s about building networks.

At the heart of this question we see the skill sets and talents of local professionals as the main catalyst. How to create a community with the right incentives that taps into this often hidden knowledge and expertise and transforms it into a sustainable setup is the central design challenge. Motivational factors to participate include personal representation, new connections, possibility learning & advising, being part of a clear actionable program with short and long term results and potential for new opportunities.

A mid-sized street in downtown Vienna, called Stumpergasse, and an office site of roughly 100 entrepreneurs was selected. A street that connects two city districts and consisting of an eclectic mix of residents living there. The creative industries is heavily represented (advertising agencies, photographers, various film production companies, artist management companies, architects, urban planners, designers, musicians, etc), then consultants (management consultants, real estate consultants), Vienna's most renowned 'model agency', and all sorts